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Minerva M9800 JE4-H

Stacker type: shuttle
Material type: light, medium
Thickness: 0-7 mm

11000 lei 9500 lei

Stoc epuizat


Minerva M9800 JE4-H – Sealing machine with straight machine with direct attachment. A good user interface, such as automatic functions, how to connect and trim rivets, automatic gaskets, system startup and positioning buttons. Lubricate in automatic mode in hard-to-reach places the mechanism allows you to use most of the time. The established head of the Japanese company Coban.


Since the machine has a vertical shuttle, which is easy to maintain, this daz can work on such a machine for a long time and carry out large volumes for production on it. There is a needle positioning and post-sewing function. The device has an LED backlight.

Designed for use for cleaning clothes and furniture, this is an excellent solution for men and women.

Characteristics of the sewing machine Minerva M 9800 JE 4-H

  • Stacker type: shuttle
  • Material type: light, medium
  • Thickness: 0-7 mm
  • Type of action: low
  • Needles used: DPx5 # 18
  • Number of needles: 1
  • Piston stroke: 31.8 mm
  • Arrangement of nozzle devices: vertically
  • External devices: standard
  • Lubricant type: automatic oil pump
  • Lifting height of the priyamnoy foot: handle – 5.5 mm, knee lifter – 15 mm
  • Maximum lifting height of the lapi primitive: 15 mm
  • Maximum sewing speed: 5000 rpm
  • Needle positioning – Yes
  • Dimension 68 × 24.5 × 52 cm
  • Outlet sleeves 28 × 13.6 centimeters


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